Class materials for CBE 20258

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Table of Contents

Data Index

Python Module Index

Chapter 1.0 Python Primer

Chapter 2.0 Linear Algebra

Chapter 3.0 Numeric Linear Algebra

Chapter 4.0 Algorithm Building Blocks

Chapter 5.0 Nonlinear Systems of Equations

Chapter 6.0 Computational Optimization

Chapter 7.0 Numeric Integration

Chapter 8.0 Descriptive Statistics and Data Visualization

Chapter 9.0 Probability Theory

Chapter 10.0 Common Probability Distributions

Chapter 11.0 Uncertainty and Error Propagation

Chapter 12.0 Statistical Inference

Chapter 13.0 Regression

Chapter 14.0 Advanced Regression

Chapter 15.0 Design of Experiments

Chapter 16.0 Bayesian Statistics